Marina Sergeyeva

A medley of art, medicine, and understanding...

   About Me

A little background . . .

It seems that the spark of rhyme and observation is characteristic to my life. So much that even the dance to my sister’s name accompanied a rhyme to mine. We both love the dance. Of course, I was a dance major in high school, but it stopped there as I chose math and biochemistry during college. It never ceased in my soul, though. I enjoy ballet or Latin styles (the latter with no formal training, which by the way uses opposing body mechanics to the classics.) However, dance is not the only art I enjoy. I was reminded of that when I began the journey into the professional writing. I didn’t fully comprehend the work load of an author or the difficulty to become published until it was to late to turn back. But, if I was given infinite time, I would do it all! That’s why I admire someone like DaVinci, a man of many creative caps. Out of all arts, I guess singing would be my weakest, although I occasionally carry on a tune too (when my sis doesn’t protest.)

WHY I AM (if you care)

But in retrospect, I could see how things that define me developed. Time would not pass if I didn’t partner moves to a melody or spent long hours on details of a drawing or some sewing project. I seemed to like to create, but create with intricacy and purpose. Yet, I enjoyed the process and emotion of the project as well. I was good at languages (one of the very few to use both Russian and Ukrainian in my class) and often liked to act out a possible occurrence, occasionally throwing various (often done in my interpretation) accents in the mix.  I guess not having an adequate channel choice on TV payed off as I had plenty of chances with my neighbor to create alternate worlds. Also, I wasn’t exposed to violence, so I’m mostly a cheerful person but understanding of difficult circumstances, as I certainly had encountered them during my childhood. Life in Ukraine was different and not the Americanized version of today I hear about. But all of these traits are the deeds of my mom.

I sure do like to question and science feeds that hunger for learning. I love the challenges and mysteries--well, puzzles--of math. Medicine would better agree with the label--mystery (my fave genre, by the way). But, if we consider how much is still undiscovered to this world, even math could probably fit that description, mystery: always something to look forward to in living the gradual, continuous discovery. I couldn’t forget my first mystery that I read in Russian. It defiantly had that catch I now refer to as the hook, and it characterizes my approach to starting a piece of a literary work. And, of course, the long--some unique--poems that our school system made us tediously memorize. I guess it worked also to develop memory. Maybe adults do know best.  Who knew... : )

As a final comment, I think life is beautiful, concise, and elegant--like [e^([pi]i)]+1=0--(though it may not seem that way when we are confronted by unpleasant circumstances,) but take a look at it from an outskirts perspective. Remember that we only have a narrow view of life, and we are a machinery of events, who adapt to the surroundings. I’m open to try new things--as long as they are logical, legal, and moral, and that’s why I love meeting people.